No 1 Key Account Approval Secured


Press Release 31st May 2013

No1 Key Account approval now secured.

The PuriFry Network has been developing well in Ireland and May has been a busy month, and today has closed it off in fantastic style - the No 1 Key Account for us in Ireland is now on-board taking our National Contract outlet count in the last month to nearly 600 catering locations.

Our National Customers have identified with the huge range of benefit that PuriFry bring to their catering operations, and the potential for reducing their operating costs. These groups not only operate in Ireland but also Worlwide, contacts we will be making the most of in development of the Network in thew UK.

This extra workload creates a nice problem in Ireland, we need more Franchisees to cover the contracts effectively, whilst we are interested in all areas across the country three have a real demand, Limerick, Dublin and Wicklow/S. Dublin.

Anyone interested in a niche market van Franchise let us know!